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Hey People,

This is my first blog, wow, finally. I've never had a blog, not really, but I'm thinking it is overdue. This way you can keep up to what's happening in my work(and play, lol) and of course, you can still always check out my website.

Lately I have had the pleasure of shooting with Lacey Cromwell and Sharon Tyler, two wonderful girls that love the camera almost as much as it loves them. Below you will find some examples of our shoot.

I'm also working with another talented photographer, Cyndi Gordon, on a project of hers. I won't say what it's about just yet, but it is for charity so we're both pretty excited. It's not everyday that you get to do what you love and do a good deed for others at the same time.

Now, before I go -- and I know this is short, but it's late and I have work at 9am -- I'd like to do a quick reference on some of the models that I've worked with:
From top to bottom we have Fallon Thimot, Stephanie Peck, Daniel Bent, Victoria Weir and Jessika Taylor. Give them props, they're wonderful models.
Well, it's bedtime(actually it's way past bedtime), but I will be back asap to give you more updates/photos/news as they turn up.
Michael Carty

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