Meeting Dane Sanders and Shooting for Lust Boys

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Hey Peeps,

This month I was asked by fellow photographer Dawn Melanson if I wanted to attend a talk sponsored by Atlantic Photo Supply being held at Studio 2540 in Halifax(thank you soooo much Dawn!!).The speakers were Dane Saunders, James Van Hees, Steve Richard, and Eric Boutlier-Brown.

These guys were all so great to listen to, they were down-to-earth, professional, friendly, approachable and had a focus towards their individual visions that was inspiring and refreshing.

It was a wonderful day of diverse perception, work ethics and giant cookies - delicious!

The highlight of my day was actually meeting an speaking with Dane about his book Fast Track Photographer, and his recent publication The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan(which I'm reading now).  They are a definite read for anyone seriously determined to turn their photography into a profession without burning them out, frustrating them to hell or make them give up photography altogether with a hate for it.  Both are terrific reads, with great insight and simplistic(but not necessarily easy) questions to ask oneself about who you are as a photographer.  Using these answers, you can better steer yourself towards the photographic career that you are uniquely designed for.  Needless to say, Dawn got a few shots of the day(it was a photography-based event right?)

 Well this is not the best image of me, but it was excellent pizza!
And of course, the ultrafan in me had to get a shot of Dane and I together, lol.

I also got the chance to shoot with two of my long-term models Victoria(who was just signed with a modeling agency) and Sharon, on a special project for some band art for Lust Boys.  We went to 3 different locations, 2 of which worked well.  The following is from the first location(the second will be posted in the next blog.)

We had a great time shooting these(as always, *pat on back*), and I can't wait to see how the rest turn out, they are(as I have explained to my wife) a little more "riskay-er" than anything that I have shot previously, but they do tend to go with the flavor of the band.

Anywho, again I suggest checking out Dane's books if you are serious about your photography business and all of the links in this blog for great artwork, artists, businesses and models.

Chat you later,

Michael Carty
Michael Carty Photography

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