Beth+Alex aka: The Frenchys Wedding

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Hey Peeps,

I know most of you won't know what I'm talking about since this is worldwide and all, but those of you from the Maritimes, and even those of you who have visited, know of the second-hand clothing store called Guy's Frenchys.

You may have even seen something about it on the news, in the newspapers, on Facebook, etc etc etc.

The reason that is is because a great couple, Beth and Alex, had planned their wedding there.  It wasn't on purpose at first.  In the beginning, they were only shopping there for a few things for the event.

Then it started to roll.

Eventually everything from the groomsmens suits to the brides dress and flowers were all purchase at - you guessed it:  Frenchys.

So the next step was to ask Guy Frenchy himself for his blessing in conducting the event in his store located in our hometown of Digby.

Guy was exstatic.

Bins were moved, decorations were put up and advertisements were placed in every Frenchys store in the Maritimes advertising the first wedding ever performed in the business's history.

Now I had a great view as things developed over these several months.  Not just because I was the photographer covering the event, but because I have known Alex for years.

Just want to say, Beth and Alex are perfect for each other.  They are exactly as in love with one another and believe in that love in real life as you see them during an interview.

So without further ado, and to prevent regaling you on my later-night karaoke skills that evening, I give you:  Beth+Alex.

 Thank you Beth and Alex for letting me be a part of your beautiful day, and may you have a long and loving marriage.


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