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Nine years ago my wife and I were married and we celebrated that event with our friends and family at the charming Harbourview Inn in Smith's Cove.  So when Amanda+Étienne told us the Inn was their venue, we were overjoyed.


These two were so many things to us.  Besides being very laid back and friendly (I met them in person for the first time two days before the wedding :) ), they had this precious and playful romantic love that you could spot a mile away.  We arrived a little early to do some preceremony shots at the Winchester house where the ladies were getting ready.


Amanda wasn't sure at first if she really needed them, but she was convinced that she would once the day was done and the smoke cleared...



One of the many special things about Amanda+Étiennes wedding, was that Amanda was wearing her grandmother's wedding dress - which her gran didn't know about - and it was also her gran's birthday.  Talk about adding memorable elements to your wedding - this was a triple threat!


After we returned the rings and shoes, my wife and I ran down the drive to the Inn where the guys were already polished and Étienne looked very ready to get married lol.

The JP, our longtime friend Deb Kendall, was waiting for us at the ceremony site to do some last minute checks and before we knew it the music was starting and here comes the bride!


Now I've said before that tears sustain me, tears of joy during a wedding that is.  And we definitely had our share of those from friends and family alike, but most of them were from the bride!


After we captured our guest images, we took a few shots of the newlyweds on the grounds.


...they're so much fun together...

We went to the beach next along the Annapolis Basin for some fun images.  It was especially important to Étienne to get photos by the water because of his family's historical roots (and now his nuptial connection) to the area.


I even convinced them to kick off their shoes and take a dip in the waters his ancestors sailed, fished and lived their lives beside.  Side note: hot day, but frigid water lol

After that, Étienne and I carried Amanda back closer to the car (wet, sandy toes and sharp mussel shells do not mix) and we raced back to the reception.  There, we could really appreciate the beautiful mixing of their family, with humorous bilingual toasts, shared stories of the wedding couple and the natural way children find new and instant friendship.


We have truly made wonderful friends with Amanda+Étienne and we are more than happy to share our special place with them.  Hopefully it won't be too long before they visit again, maybe an anniversary?


We wish them all the best and a long and adventurous marriage filled with more love every day.


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In my line of work, you get to travel a lot.  You meet new people from all different walks of life.  But nothing has the ability of being both unique and familiar as a hometown wedding.


I've known Madison and her family for several years and I was more than happy to capture her and Michael's big day.


Before the big day, I had told both Madison+Michael that I'm all about that connection - emotional, familial, friendship and that tears (of joy) were my biggest love when shooting weddings.  They both assured me I would get my fill of tears, and they delivered...


Madison+Michael couldn't have asked for a better day for their wedding.  The sun was shining, the sky was clear and everyone was working towards making sure everything was just right before heading to the church for the ceremony.


Afterwards, we drove to the Pines Resort - a beautiful place for wedding photos, and I caught all the love and laughter with friends and family.


After a bit of shooting, we all realized how hungry we were and that was our cue to head to the Legion for the reception and some supper... (and candy...)


The candy bar was delicious and the cakes were too.  As you can see, they both had a little fun at each other's expense - welcome to married life lol!


Everywhere I looked I saw love, laughter, bonds of friendship and family.  Good natured jokes and silent moments of solemn reflection peppered the day.


My deepest thanks to both Madison+Michael and their family for letting me be a part of their big day - may your marriage be full of joy and adventure!

Prom with Marci

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Marci and her mother Barb came to me for grad images and we had a great time, so it was a wonderful surprise when they contacted me this month to shoot Marci and her date for prom night.

Marci has one of the biggest smiles I've ever had the pleasure to capture on my camera.  She's clever, caring and funny as all hell.  Marci is surrounded by an incredibly supportive and loving family and you can really feel that when you're around them.

I was so happy that I could start off Marci's prom night with some laughter and celebration.  We shot her images at the Digby Pines Resort, a beautiful location to shoot, in fact I shoot here all the time for weddings and events.

We lucked out with sunshine and blue skies, a few clouds hung around which worked in our favor as we shot without OCF, but the natural light created some beautiful tones in the setting and skin tone.

Milestones are incredible, memorable moments that everyone has, and I'm so happy that I get to observe and capture them for my clients like I did for Marci.  i hope all the best to her in the future.

Esession: Melissa+Bryan

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How cute are these two eh?

Could I find a more adorable AND photogenic couple in all of my life? 

Melissa+Bryan hail from Bedford, NS and being busy people as they are, we had limited scheduling options available for us to shoot their engagement session.  The weather was decent all week, but called for clouds and rain on the day we had planned.  Needless to say I was a little concerned over how the images would come out - if they would at all.

Don't get me wrong, clouds are terrific - they soften shadows, help my subjects from squinting like they would in sunlight and they tend to make skin look super buttery smooth... but rain... rain just kills camera gear, ruins makeup and hair (both of which were professionally done) and turn all three of us in to drowned rats.

And it DID rain - but we lucked out and it stopped a few hours before our session started!

So we had beautiful light, no rain and everything had a good wash from the earlier drizzle; I was ecstatic.

Melissa+Bryan were a gem to work with.  They were up for anything and everything as we started out at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens (shout out to manager, Trish Fry for letting us have access after hours!) and made our way down the beautiful main street of Annapolis Royal to the piers.

What looked like a rained out day turned into an afternoon filled with smiles and laughter, love and tenderness, newly formed trust and friendships with some incredible people that I had the pleasure to capture with my lens.

I honestly can't wait to hang with these two again this September and shoot what will no doubt be a beautiful wedding - see you soon Melissa+Bryan!

Model Spotlight: Kelsie O'Brien

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Few people know (unless you were there), that I was a late to arrive camp kid.

Little did I know that over 20 years later, one of the closest friends I ever made there, Sherri O'Brien, would bring her talented daughter into my studio for images.  Kelsie is truly a bright and vibrant individual.  Her smile is as genuine as she is and seems to brighten a room.  While being young, she is nothing close to naive but has an ability and drive that I know will do her wonders in the modeling industry.

Last month (May), Sherri took Kelsie to compete in the 26th CMTC (Canadian Model & Talent Convention) in Toronto.  Needless to say, Kelsie had a blast.  Meeting so many wonderful and encouraging people within the industry is such a thrill (and a relief) and she received a lot of interest from several agencies - I can't wait to see what the next step in her journey is!

Regardless, I wanted to use my platform to put Kelsie out there as best as I could, she truly deserves all the best in her future endeavors.

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