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Hey Peeps,

This blog is dedicated to two people who have known each other for a long time.  I've known them both for a long time too.

I've never seen a couple so comfortable with each other as Ally and Andrew.  They are always there for each other, the perfect teammates, the perfect partnership.

Their wedding was beautiful and the weather worked out for us in the end.  Both of their families were wonderful to meet and I even got to talk shop with Rob, a photography enthusiast, who has a great eye and love of photography.

Here are just a few images from their wonderful day.  Congrats Ally and Andrew, I wish you both the best!

Everyone was helping on this windy day

A moment between the Father and the Bride
Great decor for this event!

The Wedding Party at the Garden Path, beautiful place to shoot!
Congrats again you two, you truly deserve all the happiness in the world.

Michael Carty

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The Steve Jobs Factor and You

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Hey Peeps,

I've had a repeating conversation with a lot of people over the last few weeks relating to the new iPhone 5 release, Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs.

How does that relate to you?  Plenty.

Job's first pet?
Two men, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, started Apple back in the days of dinosaurs and the coming invention of the Sony Walkman.
Don't even ask what this is.

Apple has primarily been a company of innovation and breaking rules.  Taking the path least taken, at least according to their product designs.  That's what made Apple unique, what makes their customers more than happy to stand in line overnight for the newest thing, to take mid to low-level customer service with a smile occasionally, to keep going back even if their product gets technical issues over and over.
China's lineup for the IPhone 4

Very different from most businesses.

Most don't have that type of loyalty.

But most don't have a clear message that resonates with their client-base.

Steve Wozniak is the man who knows how to set things up and get things done.  He is the guy who can build the engine of functionality into a cause and clearly express the purpose behind a business.

Steve Jobs was a visionary.  He was the message.  He was a dreamer of change, of uniqueness, of nonconformity.  Jobs was a man who went against blind repetitive, cookie-cutting business practices and product models.  

In a time when the Motorola RAZR was incredibly popular, a flip-phone with over a dozen buttons and a half decent screen(for the time, I actually sold these, *sigh*), Jobs created the iPhone - a full screen/no flip phone with a single button.
Motorola Razr

Totally against the direction things were going.

But look at us now.

Every major manufacturer is copying - or at least emulating that same design years later.  

Sadly, Apple is now one of them.

At present day, we are looking at the Apple iPhone 5 and I wonder if it would have even existed if Steve Jobs were still alive.

I can't believe it would.

I can see Jobs totally against it for so many reasons;  its repetitive design and lack of originality; the fact that the only major design changes are things like slightly altered software and a new port design that can only frustrate customers because of needed upgrades to accessories.

Is there really a huge, fundamental difference in the products below?
iphone 1


iphone 5

Is Apple dropping the ball here?  Have they forgot the vision of Jobs?  Have they lost the Steve Jobs factor?

I've wondered about this since Jobs passed, and from what I've seen the corporation is leaning towards what most businesses do;  turning their unique product/service into a commodity - aka. corporate suicide.

If they don't take what they are doing and realign it with the vision of why Apple exists in the first place, their competition will soon eat them alive.

It devalues their products, lowers customer loyalty and breeds a feeling of desperation.

Speaking of desperation, have you noticed how many lawsuits they have with their competitors?  Why?  Did Jobs go after his competitors over miniscule things like rounded corners?  Did he care?

Nope.  He had better things to do, like come up with the next greatest product that everyone wished they invented.  He had innovations to produce and dreams to make reality, and that's what made Apple great.

What would Apple be producing now if Jobs were alive?

Well, starting out as a computer company, delving into mp3 players and then cell phones, I can only imagine they would push into other, high risk industries.

Maybe the car manufacturing industry, the iDrive or iRoll?(Copyright Michael Carty)  Does it come with OnStar or maybe they designed their own version - iLost?  Universal ports?  Hybrid or 100% Electric?  Solar power option?  High end battery life?  How many die-hard Apple customers would HAVE to have one?  How many Apple employees would get one and double as free advertising?  What unique body designs would it have?

It sounds funny, but it's true.  Jobs was the type to do something like this, take something normal and make it completely different, unique and hip.  Go against the direction everyone's heading and make his own path with it.

Again, it doesn't seem like that is Apple's current direction.  It sounds like they want to push a tonne of hype on a product that is only superficially different from one they have previously produced.  That they are commoditizing(real word?) their products and business and losing the message behind their purpose.  They are going from,"I do it my way." to "Let's make some money."

So finally what does this have to do with you?

Is your purpose resonant with your actions?  With your business practices?  Customer service?  Product designs?  Workflow?  Do you have the (insert your name here) factor?

Last week I wrote on my FB page:

"I shoot photography because..." is a horrible way to describe the "Why" behind your work. Try "I feel/believe/want to _______________________________________, and I express this through my photography.", and you will truly find your path.
This is not only exclusive to photography, but for every business that wants to be unique, unhampered by external forces and for individuals who want to remember why they do what they do and have a consistently clear image of their direction - which can be incredibly difficult in all of the minutiae of doing business. 
So what do you believe?  What do you feel?  What do you want to say and what do you do to express it?
Tell me yours and I will tell you mine!
Michael Carty
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Gotta Love My Smart Mercedes

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Hey Peeps,

I had quite the busy - yet enjoyable weekend.

Shooting the new 100% electric Mercedes-Benz Smart was so much fun, I actually think it was because of the relaxed and light-hearted people I had the pleasure to work with.

Also luck was on my side.  

I was trusted to know what I was doing - which I do.  Therefore I was able to focus at the job at hand and come up with some sweet, clean and creative images of these vehicles.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially Jennifer Doll, founder of Girls of Glam, who was my contact in this project.

Here are a few(my fav is the lamppost shot!):

And of course, the great people I had the pleasure of working with... and my friend Tim.

 We had a blast, and Tim and I had a few shots ;)  Thx to everyone!


Michael Carty

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Wharf Rat Rally 2012: My First Vending Experience

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Hey Peeps,

I don't know if a lot of you have ever been a vendor for an event like the Wharf Rat Rally, you know, sell cotton candy or popcorn or samurai swords.  

It may not sound very glamorous, probably because it's not.

It's hot and muggy, the air is filled with engine exhaust and noise of all sorts and the hours are long.

It was one of the most crucial learning experiences I have ever had and I can't wait to do it again next year.

The first challenge was to find a way to incorporate my photography into the rally in such a way that my product was quick to produce and purchase but also unique in such a way that it would draw more clients.

HDR.  High Dynamic Range.

You have all seen HDR images before, even if you didn't know what it was called.

Basically several images are shot of a subject at different exposure levels and through the power of science and creativity, blended into a single image that incorporates all of the details from the originals.

This is one that I shot for a prize in the Rally Races for Timothée Richard of Bobber Boyz/Mad Squirrel:

We were set up with the bay and wharf as our backdrop.

I was lucky enough to get a few family members and their friends to come out a few weeks before and use their bikes as examples that I could show clients.

I had found after a while that I had lost sight of the underlying reason why I was vending this year.

Not money, no that helps but wasn't my true reason - my "why".

My "why" in my business is a reflection of what photography does for me personally, it gives me a sense of freedom in my life and I needed to instill that into my booth and how it interacted with the public.

Once I had lost sight of that, I realized that I was stressing over sales and money so that I could get to relax and enjoy myself.

That was sooooo backwards.

I told my friend and fellow photographer Kitrin Jeffrey, who was assisting me with this vending process day-in and day-out, that I needed to think more like a photographer, more of my "why", my freedom, my reason for everything.

I said,"What would someone like Chase Jarvis(whom I consider one of the Patron Saints of Photography) do in a situation like this?  Would he constantly be going over processes like how to greet a client?  How to overcome objections?  How to do a million different things a million different ways?  No, we did all of this when we planned this event.  That work is done.  Chase Jarvis wouldn't worry about the business at this point, he would focus on the moment at hand.  He would enjoy the day, the bikes, the rally itself and then the business would thrive.  I really need a ring or bracelet that says 'WWCJD?'."

And that's when it happened.

I took my camera out of its bag and started shooting "Random WRR Bike Encounters".  I would post them on FB and have fun doing it too!  My mind wasn't stuck in the administration department while the festivities were going all around me - I was a part of the fun!!

The side-effect?

  • We started getting sales.
  • Numbers on my FB Fanpage soared.
  • Strangers that have never heard of me would tell me that they recognized me and my work from these randoms.
  • I got a gleaming spot on the local radio station that sounded like a client testimonial.
  • I stopped stressing and had fun.
That last one isn't quantifiable, but believe me, it is something you can totally feel.

I learned a tonne, worked my ass off, met a lot of people and am more than prepared for next year's partying - scheduling appointments in February. :D

Here are a few randoms for ya.  Click for bigger shots.  Enjoy!


Michael Carty

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New Model: Alex McBride

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Hey Peeps,

So the other day I had the great fortune of shooting with someone that I think could really make a name for herself in the industry: Alex McBride.

She's young, funny, talented and smart.  A great combination to have when trying to survive and thrive in any business.  Especially since her interest is on the other side of the camera, yes, she likes to shoot photography too.

She had a few different outfits to change through and we came up with some great work - if I do say so myself.

Check it:

I had such a fun time shooting this session, I can't wait for the next one.

Michael Carty

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