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Every wedding is unique.

Different relationships, families, friends, customs and quirks.

Violet+Ben was full of all of the above.

Besides the very real bond between lifelong friends and family, there was the unmistakable down to earth warmth of character that only Newfoundland natives bring with them.

Once they finished getting ready at the Villages of Mountain Gap, we raced to the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal for the ceremony.  It was a beautiful day and speaking from a completely photographic point of view, they couldn't have picked a better spot for me to capture it.

After the receiving line and group photos, my wife/assistant Sandra and I took Violet+Ben for a walk through the gardens to capture some fun and beautiful images of just the newlyweds.

Then it was time to head back to the Gap for cool refreshments, delicious food, heartfelt speeches and some dancing with a sprinkle of both new and old Newfoundlander traditions (the process of stuffing a bride into wader boots while in full wedding gown is amazing to watch ;) )

And tonight I get to shoot more images of Violet+Ben as we have our first Trash the Dress session this evening at the beach - stay tuned for those :)


Best wishes for Violet+Ben in their adventurous life together and thank you for letting my wife and I be a part of your beautiful day.


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In my line of work, you get to travel a lot.  You meet new people from all different walks of life.  But nothing has the ability of being both unique and familiar as a hometown wedding.


I've known Madison and her family for several years and I was more than happy to capture her and Michael's big day.


Before the big day, I had told both Madison+Michael that I'm all about that connection - emotional, familial, friendship and that tears (of joy) were my biggest love when shooting weddings.  They both assured me I would get my fill of tears, and they delivered...


Madison+Michael couldn't have asked for a better day for their wedding.  The sun was shining, the sky was clear and everyone was working towards making sure everything was just right before heading to the church for the ceremony.


Afterwards, we drove to the Pines Resort - a beautiful place for wedding photos, and I caught all the love and laughter with friends and family.


After a bit of shooting, we all realized how hungry we were and that was our cue to head to the Legion for the reception and some supper... (and candy...)


The candy bar was delicious and the cakes were too.  As you can see, they both had a little fun at each other's expense - welcome to married life lol!


Everywhere I looked I saw love, laughter, bonds of friendship and family.  Good natured jokes and silent moments of solemn reflection peppered the day.


My deepest thanks to both Madison+Michael and their family for letting me be a part of their big day - may your marriage be full of joy and adventure!