Why The Hell Did It Take So Long to Write This Blog? And Inspiration.

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That's the first thing that I thought of when I sat down to write this.  So why the hell did it take so long for me to write this blog?  Short answer: Life.

Long answer:  I hope you're sitting down because this answer will be half of this blog.

I don't have to explain how life gets in the way of your goals sometimes.  You want to exercise in the evening, but you had a long day at work.  You want to eat better, but you have no time to cook.  Etc, etc, etc...

The important thing is not to get discouraged when these things happen.  Life happens, as they say(whoever they are), and instead of beating yourself up for what you're not doing, you should plan on when you will do them.

See that?  Well no you wouldn't, but after I finished that last paragraph, I was distracted by an episode of Doctor Who on television and then I switched over to The Biggest Loser.  But thank the gods for the 'mute' button, or I would probably still be staring at the tv with a stunned look on my face and not continuing this blog.  That's life too though, the unexpected, the path that's tangent from our plans, and when these things occur we should take it as it is; life happens.

So that's the 'why' to the question, but what was the 'what'(I understand there was no 'what', but I'm doing it anyways)?

This week(like most) has been a little hectic and stressful.  I'm scheduling and rescheduling shoots, work is busy and stressful, I'm still planning out my trip to Ottawa and trying to create a more minimilistic home and lifestyle before our baby gets here(I know it's 7 months away, but it's 7 months away!!)  I could've just passed this weeks blog, but I really am committed to it, to you, and to my life and how I wish to live it.  The good thing is is that this is not something that will be normally happening.  I will not have week after week of late blogs.  You see, the later a blog gets written - the less time I have before I have to write the next blog.  So it's designed to be in my best interest to keep it on schedule.

That's the first part of this blog.  The next?  Inspiration(which was the original blog topic).

First I'd like to thank Fallen "Kittie" Matthews(http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ffallenkittie.blogspot.com%2F&h=823ca) for giving me this topic, she is a talented model from the Halifax area.  Great idea Fallen, thx again.

So inspiration, where does it come from?  Where do you get it?  Can you get it on command?  Anyone would love to know the secret to finding the muse, whether you're a designer, writer, photographer, painter, etc.  The funny thing is is that like most questions like this, the answers that we look everywhere for are within us.  So what inspires you?  Looking at artwork?  Listening to music?  How about something that has nothing to do with what you want to accomplish?  A 5 or 10km run, playing with your kids or even having a nap.  I've done all of these things(well not playing with my kids, but I am working on it) and gained not only inspiration but concrete ideas and concepts that fill me full of ambitious energy and excitement.  Personally, I would choose anything that I love to do(besides photography), that enjoyment bleeds into my work and somehow helps my creativity. 

My best advice, in case none of these things interest you, is to keep special attention to when you are inspired or suddenly get that instant stroke of genius.  What were you doing?  Maybe there are a few things that you do when the muse visits you.  Remember what you were doing at the time for when you get a block again or even just to get your mind in the right zone for creativity.

Most people that I have talked to say that music is a huge influence on their creativity, and I totally agree.  Music can influence emotion and this will access memories, which in turn will enhance the emotions that we feel.  Depending on the type of music, I could sit and let my mind dance to the tune, my imagination creating images of scenes that could be heartbreaking, terrifying or joyous.

So what inspires you?  Any of these things or something else?  Let me know, and try not to let life get in the way of living.  I'm going to get some images here in the next one, so no worries.

Now back to Biggest Loser...