Model Spotlight: Saige

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Saige was one of three models some photographer friends and I shot for a fun, creative session last April (whoa, has it been that long?)  In case you needed a reminder, this is one of the shots from that shoot.


Earlier this month, Saige reached out needing some images for an agency she's looking at signing with and I was game to shoot.


The studio was roasting that day, so I brought a fan - it did little to help us because it was also super humid.  On the plus side, it gave Saige's skin a dewy glow that really came across in our shots.  I'm normally a flash fan, but the natural light looked so great that day, it was hard not to go with it.


Eventually, I went back to my studio lights and we came out with some more gold.


I can't wait to see what's in store for Saige's modeling career, needless to say she is definitely one of my go-to models for creative projects.

Follow her work here: Saige's Instagram

Model Spotlight: Kelsie O'Brien

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Few people know (unless you were there), that I was a late to arrive camp kid.

Little did I know that over 20 years later, one of the closest friends I ever made there, Sherri O'Brien, would bring her talented daughter into my studio for images.  Kelsie is truly a bright and vibrant individual.  Her smile is as genuine as she is and seems to brighten a room.  While being young, she is nothing close to naive but has an ability and drive that I know will do her wonders in the modeling industry.

Last month (May), Sherri took Kelsie to compete in the 26th CMTC (Canadian Model & Talent Convention) in Toronto.  Needless to say, Kelsie had a blast.  Meeting so many wonderful and encouraging people within the industry is such a thrill (and a relief) and she received a lot of interest from several agencies - I can't wait to see what the next step in her journey is!

Regardless, I wanted to use my platform to put Kelsie out there as best as I could, she truly deserves all the best in her future endeavors.

Mike is a F@#%er

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Hey Peeps,

So I promised this edition a few weeks back, I had shot with two of my favorite models - Victoria and Sharon -  in a few locations, they were looking for images that were a bit more ris-kay and some for possible album art for the band Lust Boyz from BC, Canada.

We shot a good mix of work from downtown to uptown and below you will see some samples, but before I do that I suppose I should explain the title of this blog episode.  Now I have shot around this particular location before many times, as have many other photographers that I know.  But I have never gone around the back of this building before and Sharon had told me that it was spectacular - so I was game.  While they were changing, I took off around the back of the building to get a good look at specific areas to frame them in and the graffiti on the wall got my attention immediately.  Now before I show you the images, I just want to say that I am extremely able to laugh at myself, sometimes to the point of embarrassment if it is REALLY funny and I instantly thought that this was the perfect thing to shoot with the girls, Sharon promised me that she didn't know what was written there and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't written about me specifically(I hope...;)) and the following ensued - enjoy!

Now for the more family oriented shots, lol.

Time for more work and play

Chat you later peeps,
Michael Carty