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Beth+Alex aka: The Frenchys Wedding

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Hey Peeps,

I know most of you won't know what I'm talking about since this is worldwide and all, but those of you from the Maritimes, and even those of you who have visited, know of the second-hand clothing store called Guy's Frenchys.

You may have even seen something about it on the news, in the newspapers, on Facebook, etc etc etc.

The reason that is is because a great couple, Beth and Alex, had planned their wedding there.  It wasn't on purpose at first.  In the beginning, they were only shopping there for a few things for the event.

Then it started to roll.

Eventually everything from the groomsmens suits to the brides dress and flowers were all purchase at - you guessed it:  Frenchys.

So the next step was to ask Guy Frenchy himself for his blessing in conducting the event in his store located in our hometown of Digby.

Guy was exstatic.

Bins were moved, decorations were put up and advertisements were placed in every Frenchys store in the Maritimes advertising the first wedding ever performed in the business's history.

Now I had a great view as things developed over these several months.  Not just because I was the photographer covering the event, but because I have known Alex for years.

Just want to say, Beth and Alex are perfect for each other.  They are exactly as in love with one another and believe in that love in real life as you see them during an interview.

So without further ado, and to prevent regaling you on my later-night karaoke skills that evening, I give you:  Beth+Alex.

 Thank you Beth and Alex for letting me be a part of your beautiful day, and may you have a long and loving marriage.


Michael Carty

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My Run-In With Backroads

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Hey Peeps,

It has been quite busy this past week and continues to be in the coming one, I was scouting out the Bear River Vineyard, photos below:

I noticed a van and a load of bicyclers at the vineyard.  The van was labelled,"Backroads: The Worlds #1 Active Travel Company".  

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

I'm a runner at heart but I got a sense that bicycling was similar in the nature of comraderie and non-competitiveness.

I grabbed my camera and started shooting while asking a few of these nice people about Backroads and bicycling in general.  They told me that they were from all over, Toronto, Pensilvania, Oklahoma just to name a few.  They were also different groups, some married, some single, some friends, some parents and adult children.  It was impressive and uplifting to see so many different people from different walks of life come together in an activity that was both beneficial to their health and connected a variety of minds.

Gary and I hit it off right away.  He is a photography enthusiast and carries his Canon 5D MkIII - yes, the MkIII - and a 28-300mm lens with him as he rides.  I offered to give him my cam and everything in my gear bag for it, but Gary is a smart man, and refused my offer. :(  Next time Gary, next time.

The Canon 5D MkIII/28-300mm... oh, and Gary lol
Amy and Eric are husband and wife.  They are a sweet couple who seem to have a real partner/team atmosphere about them which can only enhance their cycling and their marriage.

Eric & Amy

Among other things, they told me that this is the 4th of their 6 day ride through Nova Scotia, which started in Halifax, NS.  That they all enjoy the different scenes of beauty, cultures, foods and friendships they encounter and make while on their trek.

It all sounded so similar to running to me - but with wheels, and much farther(for the most part), I realized that it was the social activity in general that brought out all of the goodness in these people and not just the specific activity itself.

Well their trip has been over for a few days now and most are back home, off on another ride or relaxing on the rest of their vacations.  

I hope to see them again next year.  

Especially Gary.  

With his Canon.  *DROOL*


Michael Carty

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My First Ever Prom Sessions: SMBA

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I've never done prom sessions before.

Believe it.

Weddings, commercial products, families, kids, babies, portraits, fashion, events, I have done.

But never proms.

Well this year I actually got to shoot prom sessions for a few graduates of Saint Mary's Bay Academy just outside of Weymouth, NS.

I had a blast.

At first it was a little rush-rush, but after the first run-through we were on fire.  Luckily, I had Kitrin Jeffrey, a new photog on the scene to assist me and she was fan-dan-tastic!  Thanks again Kit!!  Find her FB page here and her webpage/work here.

So without further ado, here are some of my fav shots, straight out of camera - no retouching:

Hope you enjoyed!!

Michael Carty

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Model Shoot: Spencer Robertson

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Maybe it's just me, but I find it awfully hard to find male models in this industry. 

I'm sure that I'm wrong, I'm sure there are lots of male models out there saying,"Michael! Here I am! Why don't you take my photos?"  And why would they say that? 

Because it is hard to find male models in this industry, so it should be easy to find the few who exist.

Maybe it's my location.  Maybe there is just such a huge overflow of female models in the industry that it makes the number of males seem non-existent.  I don't know, but what I do know is that I got to shoot with an extremely determined and fun male model earlier this month, Spencer Robertson.

You may have seen my work with Spencer in a previous post here.

Spencer isn't your average teenage model.  Although he is energetic, active, tall, funny and smart, he surprises me with little things.  For one, until I took his photo with my phone during lunch, he didn't know what Instagram was.

I was floored.

Not because I think everyone should use Instagram - because I don't - but because I believed in the usual stereotype that all teens were plugged into their phones and the countless apps they can have.

And then, today, while writing this post, he surprised me again by telling me with a laugh that he didn't know how to send me his FB fanpage link.

Que?  No hablo Facebook?

I actually find this refreshing in, well, anyone I guess.  He's not always plugged in, which not only makes him a better model to interact with but also a better person.  He hasn't slipped into that socially inept category that is so easy for us to fall into when we spend all of our time with our laptops, cell phones, smart phones, devices, etc.

So back to Spencer.

We shot in several locations - including instudio, and spanning from the morning until late afternoon.

We even got permission to use someones sailboat for our marina location, which was fun and nerve-racking at once(ever pass $2000+ worth of gear over salt water while trying to balance with the waves?)

Here is a small taste of what we got:

How can you say no to this guy, eh?


Michael Carty

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Model Shoot: Quincie

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Hey Peeps,

This shoot was a long time coming.

Quincie and I have been trying to schedule a shoot since as far back as January, I think - it's been that long.

Finally we have been able to shoot together and it went fantastic!! 

She was backlit by the sun for most of the shots and my 580EXII was the mainlight that balanced the shot.  The other images were done in the shade of the barn where we were shooting and my flash worked as main.  I also used my homemade beauty dish with all of the shots(DIY beauty dish post here and here).

So here is a taste of my Quincie shoot:

 I find Quincie has a "young Farrah Fawcett" look to her in some of these shots, I had a great time and can't wait to shoot with her again!  Thx Quincie!!


Michael Carty

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