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BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend 2012

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Hey Peeps,

Just got back from a great weekend in Halifax, NS covering the BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend with my buddy and second sniper Adam Graham.

It was fun reconnecting to some of the people who I worked with and the NHL Alums that I worked with on last years event, which was spectacular and did a great job of raising funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia.  We also had fun meeting new people involved in the event and hope to work with them all again soon.

So, how was the weekend itself?

Answer:  Fan-dan-tastic!

After getting to my place Friday morning, Adam and I made sure we had all the gear we needed and piled into my car for the 3 hour drive to Halifax.

We did the usual photographer thing on trips right?  We talked shop.

Who better to talk shop with than another photog?

Gear - Lighting - Business - Work/Life Juggling - Editing - Prints - Aesthetics, we went through the entire gauntlet.

A pit-stop in New Minas and an hour later we were pulling into the Westin Nova Scotian, unloaded our gear and set up our workstation before preparing ourselves for the first nights events.

After the setup was completed, we went downstairs to the banquet hall where we met up with Jane Davies and Annette LeBlanc, Vice President and event coordinator from ZedEvents respectively and our contacts for Hockey Heroes, to get any last minute information we may need.

Our NHL Alumni this year were:  Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Claude Lemieux, Guy Carbonneau, Marty McSorley, Russ Courtnall, Gary Leeman, Al Iafrate, Rick Middleton, Gaston Gingras, Kevin Maguire, Todd Warriner, Todd Harvey, Ken Belanger, Gilbert Dionne and Alain Cote.

Needless to say, that first night was fun.

We got a lot off of our shoot list ahead of schedule, the clients affiliates were overly happy of the job we did and everyone was having a great time.

Items were auctioned off to the fans for fundraising and the Alumni were getting into the swing of things.

Soooo wanted this!!

Good sports for a great event!
There was a lot of people there, the brews were flowing and spirits were high.

Jane Davies, Vice Pres of ZedEvents and Menna MacIsaac, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia 

NHL Alumni and event coordinators

The Alumni with our Dartmouth Dodge sponsors

Robert Zed, Jane Davies and Leanne Andrecyk:  President, Vice Pres. and Creative Director of ZedEvents respectively

What a great banquet before the games begin!!
Saturday, we shot the teams on the ice and caught some great vid footage that will be posted at a later date, along with some wonderful action stills of gameplay:

Team shot

Guy Carbonneau cracking up with teammates

Everyone is so eager to get out there!!    
 Did I mention this was also a family event?  Oh yes, tonnes of kids of all ages came out to see the stars, grab some autographs and photos and enjoy the weekend!

Future NHL Alumni?

Marty McSorley posing with some fans

Great for the whole family!

The local team got to take a pic with some of our Hockey Heroes
 Then they got down to business....

Ray, Guy and the boys scrabbling for the puck

Watching the action from afar...

and up close!

Todd Warriner was gracious enough to let Adam strap his new GoPro cam to his helmet during gameplay and got us some sweet footage.

The event also had a Beard-o-Thon for fundraising...

as you can see there were many participants, lol.

Eager, waiting, historic, heroic...

Why not just a little showboating eh? LOL
 Overall it was a fantastic success, we shot tonnes of images, Adam captured a lot of great footage of which we are sifting through currently and the clients, both ZedEvents and the Heart and Stroke Foundation were very happy with the work done.  

Can't wait to do it again next year!!

Did you go to the event?  Do you plan on going next year?  Who would you have as your favorite alumni next year?



Michael Carty

Beauty Dish Test and Multi-Photog/Multi-Model Shoot!!

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Hey Peeps,

I really should have posted this earlier, but things have been up in the air - as usual.

I had a really great chance to work with a diverse bit of talent last month.  Great people in the industry like photographers Clifton Saulnier, Adam Graham, and Jodi Spicer-Outhouse; models Jessica Atwood, Jessica Matthews, Holly Richardson, Ashley Goodwin, Kaleigh Pitman, Spencer Robertson, Kirk Fougere; stylists Shawna Jackson from Shawna’s Hair Studios (in Sodalicious on Main St., Yarmouth) and Jill Goodwin from Styles Unlimited (on Starrs Rd, Yarmouth); MUA Jennie Surette from Afterglow Spa; clothing from Sharon and Laura from Making Memories Bridal and Tuxedo (Main St., Yarmouth) and the great guys at the MacKinnon Cann Inn, Michael Tavares and Neil Hisgen who let us use their business for location.

I want to first off thank Adam Graham for inviting me to the event and Clifton Saulnier for assisting me with the gear to pull off my first test of my homeade beauty dish.

It went fantastic.

We had a number of models to work with, and a great selection of wardrobe, but a limited amount of time to capture everything.  So I was only able to shoot with 5 different models between the two VERY LARGE homes, and I only used 3 rooms I believe - but that's all I really needed.

Spencer, Kaleigh, Ashley, Jessica M. and Jessica A. were fantastic models.  They followed direction easily and understood what I was going for in all of my shots.  The wardrobe, hair and make up was done perfectly(Gods bless the MUAs/Stylists) and I had a great feeling the whole time.  Anything was available to us.  Our imaginations were the only obstacles we had - although it was cold.

VERY cold.

I wouldn't be surprised if some people got sick shortly after this shoot.

Luckily, I brought two space heaters to one of the houses, setting one up directly next to where I was posing my models(hey, it's my heater, I can do what I want lol).

Let's take a look!

Spencer looking suave
How can you resist him?

Loved the colors, and how Ashley's rose-like dress compliments the rosed wallpaper

Jessica A's expression is so open and honest, love those eyes!

Here Jessica M's great skintone is so flawless - like butter and her blue eyes go so well with the backdrop!

Jessica M is showing us a more sultry side of her

Did someone say sultry?  Kaleigh is definitely working the sultry wagon here
I think that everyone involved is in agreement to keep this an ongoing thing in the future.  I'm planning on my next trip to Yarmouth to formally give my models copies of our work and talk some shop with my fellow photogs over some good food.

Next week you will see a special blog post of Adam and my coverage of the BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend 2012.  It is going to be a blast!!

But until next time let me know what you think of my first DIY Beauty Dish test, was it a success?


Anywho, more posts coming soon!


Michael Carty
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Natasha + Derrick = LOVE!!

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Hey Peeps,

I can't believe that it was February since last I blogged - you can tell I have been busy.  But I HAD to post my first wedding of the New Year!

I've already written about Natasha and Derrick last year with their engagement shots.  Now, finally we have the wedding ones!

Luckily, my lovely wife Sandra came with me to assist and second shoot a bit(she is a great second pair of eyes), and we had a great time throughout the whole day!  The lighting was good, the house was incredible and the reception was full of candy and great food(I know the caterer, one word - YUM).

So without further ado(yes, I really said ado), here are some of my favorite shots of the day!

First, getting ready:

Loved this arrangement

We grabbed this wicker arrangement from the living room to position the rings

Loves the camera!

Loved the light here

I think Koi Shoes are becoming a signature shot for me

Sneak peek on mommy and bride

Captured joy between mother and daughter
Then we shot the girls and ran over to the guys:

Smile #1 check!

Smile #2 check!

Smile #3 check!

Bride is ready - Check!!

Minor wardrobe malfunction fixed by the bridesmaids

The guys in their "Reservoir Dogs" pose
After the ceremony, we went to the marina where the light was just perfect, bright but soft:

The AWWW Moment

What a great bunch of fun people

I LOVE this shot, clean and kind of mischievious, lol
And then, PARTY TIME!!

Three words: I...


 I mean, back to the lovely couple - and dancing!!

Another AWWW Moment!

I love this arrangement...
and caught the background arrangement with this one


Needless to say, you can tell it was a fantastic day for a fantastic couple.  I truly hope the best for Natasha and Derrick in the years to come, and when you're looking for maternity shots.... well, you have my number... ;).


Michael Carty
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My First Bridal Show

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Hey Peeps,

This month, I attended my first bridal show as a vendor.  It was interesting to say the least.

It was the 3rd Annual Southern Nova Scotia Bridal and Prom Show in Yarmouth, NS.  Held by Enaira Marketing and put together by the gracious Ariane Anderson of Designs by Ariane, my wife and I had a great time.

I've realized that shows like this aren't designed for getting clients instantly.  Everyone attending was doing their homework, collecting information to be reviewed later in deciding if they want services from anyone there.

Not only that, but we vendors are doing our own homework.  

Testing what works, what doesn't.  Collecting information on other vendors set ups that seem successful and warmly welcomed by potential clients.

We also make new friends and affiliates to network with and support each other in our businesses.

Here was our set up

that's my wife in the center, we already have design changes for next show

nice professional samples/cards using my own work

slideshow and trusty cell phone

nice sized canvas on classic black aisle of my own work displayed

 After lunch there was a fashion show with wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and prom dresses

It was definitely a good experience to have and now a bunch of us photogs are meeting up in March to do an on location shoot with some models, MUA's and stylists - I can't wait.


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DIY Beauty Dish, Awwww Jeahhhhh!!

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Hey Peeps,

A lot of you know how tempting it is to spend money you don't have on gear you desperately want right?  

That's why I LOVE DIY's!!

So what I did was make my own Beauty Dish - and it rocks!

For a fraction of the cost of your high-end dish, I have made one that looks and works just as well and of course, I have documented it for you!

First off, I got all of my materials together and went to my step-father's shop(thank the gods for his love of power tools).
as you can see, I am VERY organized

ring bracket, 9" pizza plate, 20qt bowl

These were the first things I needed, I wanted to design the dish to attach to my Canon 580EX II flash.  The ring bracket didn't have holes big enough for the bolts that I purchased, so we drilled some new ones.
don't cry, it didn't feel a thing...

Using the bracket, we measured where they would go in the bowl, hammered the spots and drilled those holes.

marking where we will drill, see me in the reflection?

a nice spike to mark the holes
holes drilled in dish

same thing with pizza dish

After the holes were drilled, we marked off a hole to cut out of the bottom of the dish that would fit the head of my flash.

would it be considered overkill cutting this out to get rid of the sticker?

We used a grinder to cut out the bottom.

I so enjoyed shooting these sparks

Next, we assembled the parts to make sure everything fit correctly.

three long bolts with nuts to hold them in place

these same bolts hold the bracket on the back of the dish

two more sets of nuts/bolt hold the pizza dish in place out from the main dish
I fell in love with this dish already.

Now it was time to get painting!!

We took everything apart, sanded down both dishes to make the paint stick, and painted the pizza dish and inside of the bowl with white aerosol paint.

yes, we used my childhood Dukes of Hazard bedsheet to catch drippings

tremclad paint, great stuff, dried within minutes, put several coats on

taped the back side of dish to keep paint from going through holes
After the white was finished drying, we flipped the main dish over and sprayed the back side with black paint.

so shiny and nice!

we used 6 small nails to keep the dish off the table so it wouldn't stick
 We then applied a polycrylic protective sealer to protect the dish from dings(at least as much as possible) on both dish and bowl and sanded down the first few coatings.

Great stuff, nice shine

nice finish, but look out for using too much and getting drippings on the surfaces

protected the white side first

love the seamless edge!!

after the black side was coated, I used the bolts and nuts to keep the dish off the table to dry
After several coats, we then put it back together and tested it out.

I don't have images here yet of the dish in action, but I will in one of my upcoming shoots and I KNOW you will all be pleasantly surprised.

So how much did this set me back?

Well, a Profoto beauty dish from B&H is $373US(the Broncolor is $496.62US).

But this project - which also took a lot less time than shipping, cost just under $130.00 CANADIAN.

Yes.  YES.  YES!!!

I can't wait for my next project, I'm feeling a softbox/octobox in my future.  Anyone have a suggestion on the size?(Go big or go home!)

Hope you enjoyed this one!  Let me know what you think!


Michael Carty
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