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Photographic Essentials Seminar!!

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Hey Peeps!

I will be teaching a 5 day seminar on photography in May and I am very excited about it!

Here is a poster that I designed for the event:

Here are the details:


May 10th - Camera Basics

- explore your camera and all of its parts

-get familiar with the many functions of your camera

May 13th - Composition

- Rule of Thirds

- learn how to use lines and shapes to compose an image

May 17th - Light

- the tool of the photographer

- how light works

- reflections

May 20th - Types of Photography

- briefly cover the 4 main genre of photography; Macro, Action, Landscape and Portrait

- specific look at lighting for Portrait photography

May 24th - Gallery Night!!

- go through the work that you have done and pick your favorite piece

- bring in your work to share with the seminar group

- discuss each others work, inspire others with your work and be inspired!!

I hope a lot of you join me next month!!


Michael Carty

Juggling Balls 1, 2 and 3!!

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Hey Peeps,

Back again to give you the dl on what's happening. Things are really getting busy, not only are wedding jobs coming out of the woodwork, but my own projects(both lucritive and charitable) are accumulating at an exponential rate.

Let's start with 3 things to begin.

First, Relay for Life.

I'm sure most, if not all of you are aware of this great event held to raise money for cancer research. I was approached buy one of the local event organizers with the request to be the photographer this year. This means a lot to me personally, my mother being a survivor, and because it affects so many of us across the globe. The Relay for Life will be held from June 3rd-4th, and I will be staying up ALL night taking tonnes of shots! I can't wait!

Second, I've been organizing the business plan for my photography, getting legitimized(like a big boy!) and it has been surprisingly smooth sailing so far. I'm setting up meetings with an attorney and some local business mentors to help guide the process(I'm not a huge business person, photography is my poison).

And Third, I'm putting together a digital photographers course that I will be teaching locally. It will be designed for everyone, from the novice to the serious amateur(and a good recapper for professionals). Of course the first class is the most sleep-worthy, being filled with technical jargon as we go over the parts/functions of the camera, but then we start looking at the fun stuff like composition, color, shape and that's when we start doing what we were there for -- making photographs!! We will be going outside, or depending on the subject(weather) we may do an inside shoot.

So that's it for now, sorry there's no photos for you this time, but I will try to get some good stuff next blog.


Michael Carty
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