Model Spotlight: Saige

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Saige was one of three models some photographer friends and I shot for a fun, creative session last April (whoa, has it been that long?)  In case you needed a reminder, this is one of the shots from that shoot.


Earlier this month, Saige reached out needing some images for an agency she's looking at signing with and I was game to shoot.


The studio was roasting that day, so I brought a fan - it did little to help us because it was also super humid.  On the plus side, it gave Saige's skin a dewy glow that really came across in our shots.  I'm normally a flash fan, but the natural light looked so great that day, it was hard not to go with it.


Eventually, I went back to my studio lights and we came out with some more gold.


I can't wait to see what's in store for Saige's modeling career, needless to say she is definitely one of my go-to models for creative projects.

Follow her work here: Saige's Instagram

Shoot: Courtney

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Hey Peeps,

I have had the pleasure of shooting with the fun and photogenic Courtney.  She is currently finishing school and soon entering the medical profession(although I think she should keep dabbling in the modeling circuits) so you know she has more than a killer smile - she has a good head on her shoulders too.

We first shot on her parents beautiful property and then moved to a key location that I love to shoot in.  If you follow me on FB, you have probably seen some of these images, but I couldn't help but share.  A wardrobe change, an hour of time and this is what we caught.

Courtney is a natural at modeling, the camera loves her and she needs little or no direction at all - loved this shoot.

Thanks again Courtney for being a great subject - we will have to shoot again soon.

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