8 Signs He's/She's Going to Propose this Holiday Season

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You’ve been together for a while.  You know it’s happening at some point.  But how do you really know if he/she is planning on popping the question soon?   Like how about now?  When the holidays have set everything aglow and the world just feels more romantic.  Scroll DOWN to read 8 sure-fire ways to know if he’s proposing during this magical season.  Well, sure-fire might be a stretch.  Or maybe it’s not.

1.  They've been getting mushy lately.

Like talking about your future.  Wanting to cuddle on the sofa and just look at the lights on the tree rather than tune into the usual Netflix roundup.  If they have made a distinct shift into mush-ville, there may be a ring on the horizon.

2.  They ask if you want to go on a trip.

Especially around the holidays when no one goes on trips unless they involve great Uncle Tommy and a really bad fruitcake.  If they pony up a Caribbean trip right when you’re brainstorming on ways to avoid getting your cheeks pinched by Grandma Millie, you know love is in the air.


3.  They cranks up his cheap side a bit.

Saying no to big group dinners at fancy restaurants (because aren’t those the WORST for paying way more than you should be thanks to that absurdly expensive bottle of champagne that was ordered!?), or suggesting that you Netflix and chill instead of going out on the town?  They could have a very expensive reason for resorting to his often buried cheap side.

4.  They ask what your pinterest handle is.

This one’s tricky because they either want to buy you a diamond ring or something miscellaneous.  And it could go either way.


5.  They are acting squirrely and nervous.

They're fidgety.  And can’t sit still.  When some people make big decisions, it often means they can’t plop on to the sofa with the same sense of ease that they normally do and instead, they putz around, fussing with everything, asking a million questions and generally just being odd.  Especially on the day-of.


6.  They plan a trip – without you.

Because a trip without you could very well mean a trip to see your parents which has a high likelihood of being built around “the talk.”  They could also just be going to Vegas with their friends but a little snooping around should get you the answers you need pretty fast.


7.  Your parents start acting weird.

And if there is a trip to have “the talk” on the horizon, it will be made all the more clear when your mom starts acting aloof.  This is a classic mom response.  Dad’s are generally a little more cool. Moms? Not usually so cool.


8.  They don’t seem to be doing any major shopping.

Because they're done!  If their gift is a big ass sparkly ring, they don’t need to do another darned thing!

That's it! 


I suppose this could also double as a list to avoid dropping hints that you're planning on proposing as well - good luck to you all!!


Michael Carty

"Santa!!!" - Buddy, from the movie Elf

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Hey Peeps,

I was fortunate enough to get a little Q&A with the big man himself this year.

We're like this *crosses fingers* and he let's me pick his brain sometimes when I shoot him during the holidays.

untitled-0006 _MG_0030

This is what we discussed on our last day:

M:  In these times of financial struggle, your business is unique in that it has no revenue and yet is the biggest provider of every consumer product in history.  Can you share your business knowledge with the rest of us?

S:  I have found many people over the years to help give to the children of the world, plus I have lots of endorsement deals *cough, cough - Coke!*


M:  So is it safe to say that you're a non-profit?

S:  Yes, you could say that.  Santa has a dark past and feels that he must atone for his many sins... *munches on cookies*

M:  What do you attribute your great longevity to?

S:  Magic... and a balanced diet/exercise regime. *drinks milk*

M:  Do you ever shave the beard?

S:  Never, I have to keep it - but I don't want it.  Everyone thinks it's a magic beard but it took me 20 years to grow.

M:  What do you say to those that think Santa Claus and overall commercialism have corrupted the meaning of Christmas?

S:  Ho! Ho! Ho! Next question...

M:  Do you have any children of your own?

S:  It's possible, somewhere out there.  Sometimes Santa delivers extra treats to certain naughty girls - they know who they are...  *belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly*

M:  Have you ever thought of upgrading from the sleigh and reindeer?

S:  I've thought of a fighter jet but it doesn't hoer well for roof landings.  A helicopter was my next choice but certain countries would try to shoot me down.  I would certainly never consider using an F-35, take that Stephen Harper!!

M:  It's said that you know when children are good and band and watch them to determine this - how many hours a day do you spend secretly watching little children?

S:  Ho! Ho! Ho!  This interview is over!!


Thanks to all of my clients, fans and supporters for a wonderful 2012 and I can't wait to show you all of the new work and projects and fun things coming in 2013!



Michael Carty