New Model: Alex McBride

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Hey Peeps,

So the other day I had the great fortune of shooting with someone that I think could really make a name for herself in the industry: Alex McBride.

She's young, funny, talented and smart.  A great combination to have when trying to survive and thrive in any business.  Especially since her interest is on the other side of the camera, yes, she likes to shoot photography too.

She had a few different outfits to change through and we came up with some great work - if I do say so myself.

Check it:

I had such a fun time shooting this session, I can't wait for the next one.

Michael Carty

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Model Shoot: Spencer Robertson

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Maybe it's just me, but I find it awfully hard to find male models in this industry. 

I'm sure that I'm wrong, I'm sure there are lots of male models out there saying,"Michael! Here I am! Why don't you take my photos?"  And why would they say that? 

Because it is hard to find male models in this industry, so it should be easy to find the few who exist.

Maybe it's my location.  Maybe there is just such a huge overflow of female models in the industry that it makes the number of males seem non-existent.  I don't know, but what I do know is that I got to shoot with an extremely determined and fun male model earlier this month, Spencer Robertson.

You may have seen my work with Spencer in a previous post here.

Spencer isn't your average teenage model.  Although he is energetic, active, tall, funny and smart, he surprises me with little things.  For one, until I took his photo with my phone during lunch, he didn't know what Instagram was.

I was floored.

Not because I think everyone should use Instagram - because I don't - but because I believed in the usual stereotype that all teens were plugged into their phones and the countless apps they can have.

And then, today, while writing this post, he surprised me again by telling me with a laugh that he didn't know how to send me his FB fanpage link.

Que?  No hablo Facebook?

I actually find this refreshing in, well, anyone I guess.  He's not always plugged in, which not only makes him a better model to interact with but also a better person.  He hasn't slipped into that socially inept category that is so easy for us to fall into when we spend all of our time with our laptops, cell phones, smart phones, devices, etc.

So back to Spencer.

We shot in several locations - including instudio, and spanning from the morning until late afternoon.

We even got permission to use someones sailboat for our marina location, which was fun and nerve-racking at once(ever pass $2000+ worth of gear over salt water while trying to balance with the waves?)

Here is a small taste of what we got:

How can you say no to this guy, eh?


Michael Carty

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Model Shoot: Quincie

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Hey Peeps,

This shoot was a long time coming.

Quincie and I have been trying to schedule a shoot since as far back as January, I think - it's been that long.

Finally we have been able to shoot together and it went fantastic!! 

She was backlit by the sun for most of the shots and my 580EXII was the mainlight that balanced the shot.  The other images were done in the shade of the barn where we were shooting and my flash worked as main.  I also used my homemade beauty dish with all of the shots(DIY beauty dish post here and here).

So here is a taste of my Quincie shoot:

 I find Quincie has a "young Farrah Fawcett" look to her in some of these shots, I had a great time and can't wait to shoot with her again!  Thx Quincie!!


Michael Carty

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Beauty Dish Test and Multi-Photog/Multi-Model Shoot!!

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Hey Peeps,

I really should have posted this earlier, but things have been up in the air - as usual.

I had a really great chance to work with a diverse bit of talent last month.  Great people in the industry like photographers Clifton Saulnier, Adam Graham, and Jodi Spicer-Outhouse; models Jessica Atwood, Jessica Matthews, Holly Richardson, Ashley Goodwin, Kaleigh Pitman, Spencer Robertson, Kirk Fougere; stylists Shawna Jackson from Shawna’s Hair Studios (in Sodalicious on Main St., Yarmouth) and Jill Goodwin from Styles Unlimited (on Starrs Rd, Yarmouth); MUA Jennie Surette from Afterglow Spa; clothing from Sharon and Laura from Making Memories Bridal and Tuxedo (Main St., Yarmouth) and the great guys at the MacKinnon Cann Inn, Michael Tavares and Neil Hisgen who let us use their business for location.

I want to first off thank Adam Graham for inviting me to the event and Clifton Saulnier for assisting me with the gear to pull off my first test of my homeade beauty dish.

It went fantastic.

We had a number of models to work with, and a great selection of wardrobe, but a limited amount of time to capture everything.  So I was only able to shoot with 5 different models between the two VERY LARGE homes, and I only used 3 rooms I believe - but that's all I really needed.

Spencer, Kaleigh, Ashley, Jessica M. and Jessica A. were fantastic models.  They followed direction easily and understood what I was going for in all of my shots.  The wardrobe, hair and make up was done perfectly(Gods bless the MUAs/Stylists) and I had a great feeling the whole time.  Anything was available to us.  Our imaginations were the only obstacles we had - although it was cold.

VERY cold.

I wouldn't be surprised if some people got sick shortly after this shoot.

Luckily, I brought two space heaters to one of the houses, setting one up directly next to where I was posing my models(hey, it's my heater, I can do what I want lol).

Let's take a look!

Spencer looking suave
How can you resist him?

Loved the colors, and how Ashley's rose-like dress compliments the rosed wallpaper

Jessica A's expression is so open and honest, love those eyes!

Here Jessica M's great skintone is so flawless - like butter and her blue eyes go so well with the backdrop!

Jessica M is showing us a more sultry side of her

Did someone say sultry?  Kaleigh is definitely working the sultry wagon here
I think that everyone involved is in agreement to keep this an ongoing thing in the future.  I'm planning on my next trip to Yarmouth to formally give my models copies of our work and talk some shop with my fellow photogs over some good food.

Next week you will see a special blog post of Adam and my coverage of the BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend 2012.  It is going to be a blast!!

But until next time let me know what you think of my first DIY Beauty Dish test, was it a success?


Anywho, more posts coming soon!


Michael Carty
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Model Alert!! Brad Gouthro Answers Your Nutrition/Fitness Questions

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Hey Peeps,

Late last year I had the privilege of working with Brad Gouthro of Brad Gouthro Fitness in Bedford, just outside of Halifax, NS.

We both have an interest in fitness(Brad moreso than I, of course) and had spoke of shooting together.  Luckily he just published a new book, Release The Abs Within, and needed some new shots of what else?  


We had a great time(see this in a past post), and I realized that it would be really informative for those readers out there to glean some insight into the healthier nutrition/fitness aspect of modeling from a pro at it all.

So below is an interview I had with Brad, and I can guarantee that more than just models can appreciate the advice he dishes out like so much sweet, chocolate ice cream... oh crap, well anyways here it is - enjoy!!

Michael:  Hey Brad, I'm glad we get to work together again even if we're not shooting.  I'll get right to the questions here.  Some of the biggest issues that I have heard from my models relate to nutrition, toning and healthy complexion.  They want to be healthy and not hungry, they want to be thin but toned and they want clear and healthy skin.  What would be your best basic advice towards these issues?

Brad:  Every time I'm out with friends or family they are shocked at how much food I eat. How can I get away with this and still maintain a lean physique? 

Well, first of all I'm busting my ass in the gym for an hour every day. The majority of your workouts should be focused on lifting weights and not just cardio. 

Ladies…please lift weights to get lean, toned and sexy. Excessive cardio is doing you more harm than good! But that one hour in the gym doesn't give you the ability to eat anything you want at anytime.

In my book, Awaken The Abs Within, I created a simple and easy to implement nutrition principle that I follow everyday. I've branded it the TQT principle. It simply means to eat the right TYPES of food, in the right QUANTITIES, at the right TIMES. 

I focus on consuming foods that are natural/unprocessed (contain one ingredient) and high in protein. Foods high in protein not only build lean sexy muscle and burn fat, they also keep you feeling full so you don't crave sugar. 

I consume very little (if any) sugary, packaged, or processed foods (I may treat myself one meal a week if I feel like I it). One mistake people often make (especially women) is they focus on counting calories. Ditch the calorie counting and focus on eating 5-6 small balanced meals a day that all contain protein. Your first 3-4 meals can contain carbs, but then cut them out later in the day. By following this meal plan and focusing most of your time in the gym lifting weights, you will stay satiated and will be burning fat all day long due to an increase in your metabolism.  
Remember, consuming natural foods is nature's medicine. Eating processed crap (soda, diet soda, crackers, cookies, etc) is foreign to your body's digestive and genetic structure. By putting this crap in your body it creates a metabolic and hormonal mess. This mess causes fat storage, skin problems, etc.  

Michael:  That's some pretty great advice Brad, I'm very interested(and I'm sure most models are too) in the ability to eat and not be hungry and doing it in a healthy way.  Now regarding the low cardio exercise you mentioned, what do people like me who train for half and full marathons do?  We obviously need to get in a good amount of cardio, right?

Brad:  Yes, you're right - if you're training for something sport specific…then yes…you should be focusing more time on movements/exercises that are functional to your goals (in this case endurance training). 

However, if you're a model and are just looking to get or stay "lean and sexy", then your specific/functional training should be focused on building lean muscle and burning body fat which lifting weights does. EXCESSIVE cardio (hours everyday) is not the functional way to build a lean and sexy look.  

When it comes to cardio, I always put it this way:  if you're training specifically for physique…which athlete do you want to look more like…a 100 meter sprinter (lean, toned and ripped) or a marathon runner (skinnier with less muscle tone)? 

I'm not saying one is better than the other…but for my physique goals (and probably most models), it's to look more like a 100m sprinter. This is why I focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) via quick intense sprints followed by low intensity cool down intervals. 

Michael:  Having a history of modeling yourself, I'm sure that you have a preshoot plan when a job is coming up.  What would you advise other models out there to do in preparation of a shoot to help them look their best?

Brad:  If it's a athletic/fitness shoot, I assume you must already be in pretty decent shape. But there is a way to manipulate your body even more to look as lean and ripped as possible. I'm talking about getting rid of most of the water that is stored between your muscles and skin. If you do this correctly, you can really achieve the "photoshoot ripped effect" where your skin is literally sucked against your muscles, which shows all your cuts and striations.  I blogged about my 7 day preparation plan in detail on my website:

However, everyone's bodies are different. I've found my body reacts best to water loading for the first 3-4 days (8 liters a day) and essentially cutting out all carbs (except veggies) for all 7 days before the shot. My calories drop a little bit, but not a lot, since I replace a lot of the lost calories from carbs with healthy forms of fat and a little more protein. Three days before the shoot I cut water consumption in half, and steadily decrease it everyday until the shoot. This plan hasn't failed me yet!

Of course plenty of sleep is also VERY IMPORTANT!

Michael:  What’s your opinion of popular fitness regimens like yoga, zumba and kettlebell workouts?

Brad:  To be honest, I'm a fan of anything that gets you moving (unless this includes you running away from the police)!

I am a huge fan of kettlebell workouts though. It's a great way to build muscle and get a cardio workout at the same time. I throw in a kettlebell workout at least once a week to work on any potential muscle imbalances and to keep things fresh and free of the dreaded plateau effect.

I also think everyone should incorporate yoga (especially the fellaz) although I'm pretty slack on this one. It is one of my goals this year to increase flexibility, so I do foresee a lot more yoga in my future. 

Zumba…it's good…if you're into that kind of thing. Not my style though. I love to dance, but I love dancing in the club scene. Not at the gym! 

The only thing that kind of bugs me is these gimmick infomercial gadgets like the "shake weight" and "ab machines". I say save your money and get your sweat on the old fashioned way.

Michael:  You mentioned earlier that your healthy physique is because of –besides a nutritious diet, that you exercise 1 hour a day.  Only one hour?  I won’t ask IF this is possible because you are obviously living proof, but I will ask HOW this is possible.

Brad:  It's very simple. The body grows outside of the gym, not inside. When you're in the gym, you're actually breaking down and tearing apart your muscle cells. It's the rest and recovery that actually allows you to grow. 

Proper sleep and recovery is key to a lean physique.

Also, cortisol (the stress hormone) elevates when you train at a high intensity for too long. This hormone eats away at muscle tissue, thus burning muscle and lowering your metabolism. That's the opposite effects that I want to be accomplishing for all my hard work in the gym.

Michael:  Well that should make it a lot easier for people with busy lives to squeeze in a workout into their day.  My last question comes from a student who wants to know if it is better to eat before or after a workout and which kinds of foods would be best for which times?

Brad:  Yeah. Just make sure when you're in the gym, you're making the most of your time. Don't be one of those chronic "texter's" or "gym socialites". 

Trust me you look lame.

Now, to your last question. Without a doubt, your post-workout meal is very important regardless of your situation or goals. It should be comprised of a quick absorbing high quality protein source (whey protein powder) and a fast digesting carb source (the one time of day that a quick rush of sugar is good for you). 

The reason? Your muscles are like a sponge after a solid workout. 

They require an instant surge of protein to help re-build and repair the torn muscles as well as a delivery source and energy to replenish the lost energy from your body (carbs). Carbs act as a delivery source to get the protein to your muscles quickly, and will help re-fuel your muscles to ensure the breaking down of muscle stops and the building of muscle outside the gym commences. 

I usually bring a protein shake with me to the gym to drink as soon as I'm done. It usually is comprised of protein powder, banana, natural maple syrup, water, and almond milk all blended together.

Now pre-workout is a little more customized. It depends on you. 

I eat a slow digesting complex carb (oats) and protein source 1 hour before the gym to ensure I have energy to work hard. 

Try not to go to the gym with a full stomach though. When you work out, all the blood is going to the muscle which will just leave the food sitting in your gut. Some people also work best on an empty stomach (last meal 2-3 before workout). 

You have to find what works best for you.

Michael:  That's a terrific amount of knowledge that I think a lot of people - not just models, can use to help with their image/health needs and wants.  Thanks again for the back and forth with me and congrats on the publication.

Brad:  Thanks Michael.  Glad to help.  If people want all my secrets to living a healthy/lean lifestyle, they should check out my website: or my social media sites. 

I also really enjoyed working with you and was truly impressed with the photos from our last project. Lets do it again sometime soon!

Michael:  Word.  Take care buddy.

Did this interview answer your questions or did you have others?

I hope you get a chance to check out Brad's book and site,
it is full of incredible information for everyone - not just models.

My thanks again to Brad for his participation and to the models that sent me input for my questions - you know who you are...


Michael Carty