Derrick + Natasha

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Hey Peeps,

My first wedding of 2012(so far) is for Derrick and Natasha.  They are a sweet couple and they have no problem showing how much they love each other in front of the lens.

I can't wait to shoot their wedding and display all the excitement and fun everyone will have there, from what they tell me it is going to be a great night! (Hopefully we will all be able to get home in one piece...:P)

Below are a few more shots of the fun couple from their engagement shoot

See you in February guys!!  BRRRRRRR!! I'm getting chilly just thinking about it!


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Hey Peeps,

I just shot a sweet, simple wedding this morning for my newest friends originally from Austria(currently in Switzerland), Gerhard and Doris.  After being introduced via email and our mutual friend Darren from The Harbourview Inn, we met for the first time last night to go over the specifics of their ceremony.  They have planned their wedding as part of their traveling through Canada so there are no friends or family attending, which makes me feel even more honored to be taking part in it - but that didn't mean that they weren't getting calls and emails from home to give updates to loved ones full of anticipation!  They have been so friendly and kind that I couldn't wait to post them here in my blog for you to enjoy.

This wedding was different from the norm, it was so simplified that I didn't have a package for what they were looking for, but I was determined that they get exactly what they were asking - and more!

After arriving, I took the rings and the bride's shoes and went all over the inside and outside of the house, taking creative images to capture the feeling of the day - as seen below:

Well that totally got the creative juices flowing and helped me get more familiar with the area, lighting and composition needed to shoot the rest of the afternoon, here are a few:

So I have to run, I'm getting ready to head back to the Inn for drinks with the newlyweds!


Michael Carty
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